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Top 5 Emerging Technologies in Healthcare

Jason Li
Sr. Software Development Engineer
Skilled Angular and .NET developer, team leader for a healthcare insurance company.
January 06, 2022

Technology and healthcare are going hand-in-hand. Healthcare technology is going to reshape the industry from all sides and provide more advanced and efficient patient care. Healthcare organizations are supposed to keep up with healthcare technology trends not only to stay competitive but to also be able to provide the best possible patient service.

While healthcare technology has developed so fast that many exciting new developments in the healthcare tech industry, here’s a closer look at five that have great potential to change the industry for the better.


Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence can help practitioners make judgments precise to reduce patient error and the risk of preventable scenarios. From radiology tools and immunotherapy for cancer patients to identifying infectious disease patterns, advanced technology can help develop more efficient and precise interventions. As learning algorithms evolve and become more accurate, they are likely to significantly impact healthcare services, including diagnostic approaches, treatments, and care processes.

Virtual Reality

Also as an emerging technology in the new age, virtual reality (VR) is an innovative tool with many applications, especially in the healthcare industry. VR solutions can manage hot flashes through cognitive behavioral therapy and relieve pain through meditation training. Some applications use Google Glass and augmented reality for clinical and medical documentation support, including reminder, order, and referral assistance.

Based on HIPAA compliant cloud infrastructure, VR solutions help healthcare providers to create patient summaries and notes, answer physician requests, pend orders and create referral letters.


Electronic Health Records

Emerging health information technology has made it possible to maintain health records in a centralized, cloud-based portal, which help the physician to view medical record with the touch of a button including medical histories, lab reports, and diagnostic imaging reports.

This type of healthcare tech is also ideal for when doctors from different clinics or medical offices need to collaborate about patients who have complex medical files or diagnoses to determine the most optimal way to treat their condition.

3D Bioprinting

The invention of 3D printing is another new technology in the healthcare industry that is proving to be transformative. This new field of 3D Bioprinting enables physicians to print artificial limbs, organs, joint replacement parts, and bio tissues. In addition, in the field of pharmacology, there are ongoing experiments for printing pills and other medications. Lastly, 3D printers can also help create medical devices and surgical tools.

Mobile Apps

As new technology emerges in the healthcare industry, mobile applications can upload patients’ medical records, check-in, schedule appointments, and provide expert advice, which helps professionals check patients’ files and conditions effectively. Apps also assist healthcare professionals with medical training and education, clinical decision-making, and time and data management. They come in handy in providing physicians with communication tools such as email, text, video conferencing, and voice calling.

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