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Igniting Innovation with WSO2 Choreo

William Tsu
Data Analyst
Experienced data analyst working with data visualization, cloud computing and ETL solutions.
April 24, 2022

WO2 has released Choreo, a platform as a service that lets you quickly build APIs, services, and integrations. The WSO2 Choreo development environment enables developers to build cloud-native APIs, integrations, and microservices incorporating CI/CD and observability. WSO2 Choreo is positioned as a next future generation intelligent iPaaS solution designed to meet the requirements. The platform's output-ready edition, which continues to flow on Microsoft Azure, was launched on March 30. Choreo's virtual platform as a service facilitates the capabilities required to build cloud-native apps and services. It offers a fruitful experience by providing an intuitive code/low-code hybrid development environment.

As a low-code development platform, Choreo by WSO2 provides full support for developers. It offers a low-code + code hybrid development platform that is augmented by AI. The platform's graphical modeling creates clean code, and modifications flow reciprocally without the need for any additional code-level annotations or configurations. It facilitates hybrid clouds and assures no vendor lock-in; if necessary; its execution flow code can be autonomously accumulated and run in your local environment. Choreo by WSO2 is a service that development teams can log in to at Choreo makes use of the open-source, cloud-native Ballerina language, as well as AI-assisted development and extensive observability.

WSO2's platform also allows companies to achieve an integrated API ecosystem at a lower cost. WSO2's translucent, straightforward pricing model enables most IT initiatives to get initiated without spending loads of money just to prove the technology. 

What is Choreo?

Choreo is an electronic Cloud platform for enterprises looking for a quick, easy, and safe way to build services, APIs, and integrations. Choreo provides designers with a unified experience that obscures away deployment intricacies, allowing them to move from concept to output in hours or days rather than weeks or months.

This feature distinguishes choreo from the previous traditional iPaaS solutions. Choreo specializes in the development of modern enterprise applications that make use of cloud-native engineering technology and methods. It claims to support both low-code and pro-code development methodologies while offering a true iPaaS experience.

Development teams can create reusable API-driven business logic. WSO2 highlighted that Choreo flows on the Microsoft Azure cloud framework allow designers to go from design to implementation in hours instead of weeks. Choreo has added assimilation with Microsoft's popular Visual Studio Code source code editor since it was released as a beta release in June. For a graphical, low-code editing experience, development teams can use VS Code within a search engine while working within Choreo. An innovative Choreo interface allows the discovery and reuse of APIs and services.

Development teams can engineer in low-code and code concurrently using the Choreo iPaaS, which is now in public beta; build, test, and implement in Kubernetes; handle APIs; share them in a marketplace, and monitor performance. Enterprises can use the new iPaaS to:

Make it easier for business users and IT to collaborate: Using the only iPaaS that makes use of the open-source Ballerina computer language to encourage developers to engineer in low-code and code at the same time.

Priority should be given to developing production-ready business applications right away: Choreo offers a complete, efficient working platform for building, testing, and deploying in Kubernetes.

Examine performance, look for anomalies, and troubleshoot problems: utilizing the deep observability and functionality of Choreo

Enhance the code quality: with the assistance of artificial intelligence (AI).

Create lock-in-free low-code: Since the low-code diagram generates source code, businesses can take it and run it anywhere they want.

Choreo All-inclusive platform

Choreo facilitates the infrastructure and necessary tools by businesses for cloud-native engineering, reducing the time required to create a platform for Kubernetes-based services and APIs. As an outcome, entities can begin developing, testing, and deploying APIs and services right away. With a microservices-style programming model, IT team members can assume command of their DevOps flow, production multi-environment deployment, and production configuration.

The following features are available with Choreo:

Develop integrations: Using Choreo's pre-built connectors and templates or the company's custom-built templates, development teams can perform low-code integration logic to control large numbers of software as a service (SaaS) APIs.

Develop Microservices and APIs: Using low-code or code, development teams can create services that encapsulate and reveal APIs, as well as their integration and business logic.

Control APIs: Development teams can release their services as controlled APIs and manage them with WSO2's industry-leading API management capabilities.

Share via an API Marketplace: Choreo also includes a platform for a corporation's APIs, event streams, and data sources. Development teams can use templates to start sharing integrations and micro-services for re-use by no-code enterprise users.

Execute professional DevOps: IT team members can create, deploy, and operate on Kubernetes (without having to create any YAML files for deployment), handle different environments, and monitor them all with a few mouse clicks.

The power of collaboration and control via low-code

The Choreo platform as a service, the first potential application of Ballerina, is the only programming language that offers an infinite low code experience by tracing all source code reciprocally between its textual syntax and its visual presentation as a flow chart. As a result, development teams with different proficiency levels can collaborate more easily, and source code is independent of Choreo, allowing businesses to retain complete control over their code. 

With Choreo, developers of all skill levels have access to a collaborative platform that increases productivity. Technically talented designers can switch between coding with text or diagrams, and others have a low-code alternative for contributing to the company's app development—all while maintaining full code fidelity.

Choreo supports lock-in-free low-code because all low-code is open-source Ballerina source code. Unlike other low-code services, Choreo has business agility to clone the repository, create it with freely accessible open-source Ballerina toolkits, and execute the code anywhere they want. 

The AI-assisted development process and observability

Choreo uses AI to aid in advancement as well as to facilitate the platform's deep observability capabilities. Choreo understands historical activities and performance behavior patterns to predict the majority of a developer's needs with AI-assisted development. As designers write code, AI is pushed to provide critical feedback, code completion, anomaly detection, and reference data. Choreo's deep observability technologies allow enterprises to visualize observability data at both design and run-time to troubleshoot issues. Furthermore, AI-based anomaly alerts catch the attention of designers when required and aid in the isolation of the issue.

Here are some of the advantages of Choreo:

Provides support for both low-code and pro-code

Choreo enables designers with a one-of-a-kind experience due to the higher productivity provided by the low-code strategy and the flexibility provided by code-based development. The platform can be used by both citizen integrators and developers.

Battery-powered cloud-native engineering

Choreo not only offers the programming environment but also all of the core technologies for constructing cloud-native applications. Also combines industry best practices with GitOps, observability, connectors, and API management.

Promotes rapid development

Choreo's integral capabilities enable programmers to develop applications, check them, and implement them in industrial operations in hours rather than months. The whole process is facilitated and controlled by users and roles, ensuring that the product's quality is not sacrificed for speed.

The choreo difference 

As previously stated, only Choreo enables designers to switch between a diagrammatical editor and a text-based editor to have a low-code and pro-code experience at the same time. The graphic editor uses sequence diagrams and flowchart notations to portray code semantics, whereas the text-based editor offers an integrated development environment (IDE). The outcome of both coding experiences is completely open Ballerina code, which means that modifications made in either the visual or textual editors are smoothly mirrored in the other. 

Unlike most other low-code options, where the source code is efficiently and successfully a black box, entities receive lock-in-free low-code that they handle with Choreo. Choreo publishes the open-source Ballerina code to GitHub. Using Git, users can download the code, take it offline, edit it using freely obtainable open-source software, and run it in any environment. 

Choreo also provides deep observability functionality that other iPaaS options in the industry can match. These features allow designers to view observability information during both design and runtime to troubleshoot issues. Furthermore, observability information is collected and nourished into an analytical engine to offer business analytics. 

Choreo's artificial intelligence (AI) helps the user through the planning process. Initially, Choreo utilizes AI-assisted development to learn from previous activities and performance behaviors to foresee the majority of a developer's necessities. Developers can get performance feedback, code completion, anomaly detection, and data mapping as they code using the AI engine.


Choreo has numerous business advantages. DevOps and low-code features in Choreo abstract out complexities, yet still allow you to dive deep when needed. Corporate groups can now strive to create good online experiences, apps, and services while Choreo handles the rest. WSO2 reports that Choreo has been installed by nearly 10,000 developers worldwide.