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Become a part of RStudio Conference 2022 remotely for free

William Tsu
Data Analyst
Experienced data analyst working with data visualization, cloud computing and ETL solutions.
August 08, 2022

RStudio has been holding conferences since 2011. As the leading community for statistical computing and data science, they bring together the community and offer talks from top experts in the field. This year, the conference will take place in Washington, DC. The event is expected to draw attendees from around the globe.

They understand how important face-to-face interactions are for businesses. That is why they ensured that everyone who wants to attend the next conference can do so virtually. All tickets they sell through include complimentary admission to the after-party. 

What it means to attend the RStudio conference remotely and free

RStudio conference is a great opportunity to meet and learn from the experts in the field of data science. You can view the full schedule on the official site,, along with instructions on how to register and get access to all of the presentations via free live streaming. Additionally, they will be holding a private discord server where you will be able to chat about everything going on during the event and answer any questions you want. You just need to submit your email address to the official website's conference page to get notified about the discord link. The keynote and presentation videos will be posted online at the conference site where you can watch them any time after the event.

Register for the event

RStudio is one of the most popular open source data analysis software for working on data. It is used for data preparation, data cleaning, and data exploration to get insights from various data sources. The free Rstudio conference is a platform for sharing ideas and engaging in discussions about R development. There are two ways to register for the RStudio conference 2022 remotely. First, you can register through the RStudio website by filling out the online form. Second, you can use the RStudio-conf link found in RStudio Connect. Both options are free and allow you to choose your seat from several countries around the world depending on your location. However, if you want to register at your local campus, then there should be a fee.

The keynote

The main keynote is about ‘good practices for applied machine learning, and includes various topics such as ‘model development’, ‘model deployment’, ‘machine learning operations’ (MLOps), ‘data preparation’, ‘feature engineering, and ‘system design’. Further sessions include ‘The Past and Future of shiny’, ‘running shiny without a server, and ‘the future of deep learning in production’ by Winston Chang. The Shiny package for working with Web applications with R can be used without a server. In addition, it allows users to create standalone apps, such as those deployed on a local machine or hosted online.

Attend workshop

A variety of workshops will take place before the main event. These include a data visualization workshop, a course on how to write tidy verse scripts, and a series of tutorials on developing interactive charts and graphs. Schedules can be viewed on website. Those new to R may find it helpful to attend one of our introductory sessions, where they will teach the basics of the tidyverse and R together. They have also included several free open source resources to help you get started.

As ever, there will be sessions covering tips and case studies across an array of R topics, and advice on how companies can work with RStudio’S premium offerings.

If you want to track the proceedings on Twitter, keep updated with the hashtags the studio conference and rstudioconference2022. You can search for these on with the following link, or create your searchable table with R. 

The main conference

There will be an incredible line-up of speakers this year like Mine Cetinkaya Rundel from Duke University and RStudio, Julia Stewart Lowndes from Openscapes and NCEAS, University of California, Jeff Leek from Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, and Juli Silge and Max Khun from RStudio. Learn from the experts what makes R so powerful for data science and analytics today, and see why it’s poised to be the premiere platform for big data applications tomorrow. With R, you can do everything from build machines to learning models to automate your business processes with simple programming tasks. The three tracks (R Programming, Data Science, and Big Data) feature presentations by leading practitioners and researchers, who will share best practices and techniques for building scalable solutions for your organization. Whether you are new to R or already proficient in data analysis or completely different fields altogether, join the Rstudio conference 2022 for this unique opportunity to explore how R and data science works.

 R Studio has developed a new version of their product called Quarto. Quarto is an open-source project meant to compete with Microsoft. Their goal is to create a WYSIWYG document creation tool that can be used online and offline. Now they have a soft launch version of Quarto out which they will unveil at their upcoming conference.

Multi-lingual data work will be another theme that will be discussed at the conference. There are many other interesting topics like Achieving an easy workflow between R, Python, and SAS from within Rstudio”, the Data Trail program to teach data science skills in communities without access to technology, fine practices for applied machine learning, and many more.

If by any chance you cannot attend the conference virtually or in person, you can always find plenty of recorded videos online.

RStudio’s Scholarships

They offer 50 diversity scholarships to individuals across the globe who are members of a minority group that is underserved by RStudio conferences. These groups include people of color, disabled folks, elder/older adults, queer folks, and women/marginalized genders. Since they understand how difficult it can be to get out of the country, diversity scholars can opt to attend remotely or in person. 


RStudio is a leading data science and analytics software that is open source, and flexible. The development team strives to be a community of data scientists and developers who are passionate about data and building products that inspire using data. They offer two conferences in the United States each year, and they offer a free RStudio membership as a way to support their mission and work. RStudio has a long history of supporting open source projects, and they continue to do so today. They provide funding for several projects led by independent developers, and they provide technical and financial assistance to nonprofit groups that wish to build and distribute open source applications with R. RStudio isn’t just for those who want a simple one-way data analysis tool that doesn’t offer technical support. It’s a community of open source developers and data scientists who can help you build the data pipeline that your organization needs to succeed.

The RStudio Conference is an invitation-only event that brings together the R community to share ideas, learn from each other, and collaborate. If you want to attend the conference virtually and can’t travel there yourself, then you should register and get ready to watch the presentations via video streaming as they happen. You can find all the details about how to apply and the criteria that you need to meet on the scholarship page of their website.