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DataStax to offer Stargate V2 data API gateway via Astra DB

William Tsu
Data Analyst
Experienced data analyst working with data visualization, cloud computing and ETL solutions.
November 18, 2022

DataStax and Stargate V2: the gateway to Scalable, Extensible, and Simple Connections

DataStax collaborates with any business enterprise to mobilize real-time data. It enables organizations to quickly design & develop the smart, high-scale applications that are necessary for a truly data-driven business. DataStax Astra DB facilitates a connection between the power of Apache Cassandra, the most scalable database, and the advanced Apache Pulsar streaming technology. It gets delivered as a service on any cloud.

The real-time data company, DataStax recently launched an award winning Open Source platform known as Stargate V2. This API gateway simplifies the work of developers & programmers by providing fast and limitless scale with high performance gRPC API (Application Programming Interface). With Stargate V2, developers get ample freedom to design & develop real time applications for Apache Cassandra using the API of choice. The Stargate V2 is available as open source software as it is a part of DataStax’s Astra DB database-as-a-service. It now features a high-performance gRPC API as mentioned earlier. Thus, through Stargate V2, DataStax is revolutionizing the industry. Stargate was initially launched and introduced in 2020 and it elevates the power of Cassandra, the world’s most scalable database. Any developer can now easily access Cassandra and Stargate through a broad range of APIs that include JSON, CQL, GraphQL, REST, and gRPC APIs.

Stargate got launched as a precursor to simplify the scalability and extensibility of developing programs. It also aids in improving the efficacy and efficiency of programs under development. The Stargate introduced high-performance gRPC as soon as it got launched, which brought in the limitless scale of Apache Cassandra to various applications, server-less functions, and services over HTTP at native driver wire speed. Apart from these, Stargate V2 provides developers with an easier-to-learn approach than native drivers and a far superior performance than any web Application Programming Interface (API). Right now, CQL is the fastest growing way to query DataStax Astra DB. The Stargate gRPC interface transports CQL queries, which ultimately preserves the existing CQL skills of all developers and programmers.

As far as operational scalability is concerned, Stargate is a fully cloud native. It comes with novel node types, which bring modular, service-oriented architecture to Apache Cassandra. The StargateV2 architecture aids all developers to scale its usage and tune its performance rather regularly and granularly. It does so by making each service independently deployable using dedicated node types for data storage, query coordination, and API services. Stargate V2 brings in extensibility with which a new API service gets added in a simpler way utilizing the gRPC bridge API. This purpose built extension point simplifies the whole purpose as there is no need to learn the entire Stargate Code base for adapting Apache Cassandra to the APIs & data serialization formats the organization uses. For instance, Netlify customers have a long history of designing & developing database driven sites by serving dynamic content. It does this by saving user generated content, building dashboards, improving e-commerce functionality, and instilling SaaS applications. Developing a new application depletes resources at a rather alarming rate and can be time-consuming & frustrating. The Stargate GraphQL API integrates with Netlify Graph to help developers derive the necessary data they require for their applications directly from Apache Cassandra. Ultimately, it allows for the faster development of real time data applications. With StargateV2 high performance data solutions get used for scalability while driving efficiencies for the DevOps team. In a way, DataStax Astra DB cost effectively supports write-intensive workloads with amazing speed. The Stargate REST API accelerates the developmental efforts for figuring out how DataStax deliver new and improved features for all their learners. After its launch, the popularity of Stargate increased. Stats show that the download of Open Source Stargate for Apache Cassandra 4.0 increased 7-fold swiftly. With Stargate, DataStax is empowering developers to identify a data model that best suits their needs & requirements while causing it to evolve dynamically leveraging the power of Apache Cassandra.

Industry Recognition

Recently, in 2022, Stargate got awarded the 2022 API Award in the Best in Data APIs Category. The 2022 API Awards celebrate an incredible technical innovation, adoption, and reception in the API & Microservices Industry used by the Global Developer Community.

Three criteria were analyzed by the judging advisory board for awarding the prestigious award. These include attracting notable attention and awareness in the API industry, general regard & used by the developer and engineering community, and being a technical leader in its sector for innovation. Stargate APIs of Astra DB help engineers and API professionals to design & develop the future of APIs and the API economy in the multi-million dollar market for API driven products and services. The award won here for Stargate API is a testament to its leading role in the growth and evolution of the global API ecosystem. StargateV2 is currently available as free Open Source software on GitHub as part of DataStax’s fully managed Database-as-a Service, DataStax Astra DB. It is also available on the Postman API Network and available in Google Cloud and Amazon Web Services Marketplace for GKE/EKS.  DataStax is offering this StargateV2 known for achieving positive accolades in latest API award function via Astra DB to organizations. As mentioned, it aids in improving scalability, extensibility, and proper connections that increases the productivity of an organization or enterprise in business sector.

DataStax to offer StargateV2 data API gateway via Astra DB

StargateV2, the new version of the open source data API gateway comes with a gRPC Application Programming Interface (API). This enables the developers to scale the Apache Cassandra data limitlessly as per the spokesperson of DataStax Company. DataStax keeps working on their resources and services as just months after designing & developing its Astra Streaming Services, the company is launching the second version of its Open Source Data API Gateway. It is named as Stargate V2, ad DataStax has made it available via its server-less, No-SQL, Database-as-a-Service (DBaaS) Astra DB. The official launch of the first version of Stargate V2, the Stargate was launched in 2020 and it was an Open Source Program as mentioned in the GitHub page. The idea behind Stargate is to steer away from the conventional approach of creating different APIs for various databases & develop a framework that serve APIs for various workloads. The Stargate essentially converts data from the Apache Cassandra Open Source database into a JSON Document DB. It automatically exposes the database via secure web APIs. In a way, DataStax is a supported enterprise version of Apache Cassandra that features security, performance, and other database related issues.

As mentioned earlier quite profoundly, the newer version of the Open Source API gateway comes with the gRPC API that enable developers and programmers o scale Apache Cassandra data limitlessly. The gRPC is an Open Source Remote Procedure Call (RPC) framework created by Google in 2016. It runs on any environment to connect services in & across various data centres with pluggable support that help with load balancing, tracing, health checking, and authentication. The Remote Procedure Call gets defined as a connecting protocol that gets used to request a service or process to be executed in different address space. Here, the protocol codes the request in a way that it mimics a generic request from the local system.

Features of StargateV2

The developers and programmers get to continue their work using the Cassandra Query Language (CQL) inside the gRPC Interface as per the spokesperson of DataStax. Stargate V2’s architecture provides the developers ways to scale usage and time performance in a rather granular manner. When running Kubernetes or Cassandra, these independent API & coordinator services gets deployed in their own pod that are fully Kubernetes compatible according to a company statement by DataStax. This newer version of the data API gateway also adds the gRPC bridge API Extension. It gets targeted towards the developers so that they do not need to learn the Stargate Code Base in order to adapt Cassandra to the Application Programming Interfaces and Data Serialization formats an organization, enterprise or company choose to use. DataStax is working well to offer their best Database-as-a-Service tool, Stargate and Stargate V2, to organizations so that the businesses can achieve great revenue, profits, or business returns. This is one of the latest tools that got launched in this technological era that is useful for many business organizations and enterprises.


DataStax is set to offer Stargate and Stargate V2 data Application Programming Interface (API) gateway via Astra DB; a key database component of the organization. Stargate V2 aids in improving the scalability, extensibility, and simplicity of the whole process in hand, which the organizations get to embrace wholeheartedly.