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2022 Itlize Global Conference Trip: Highlights and Vision for the Future

Jason Li
Sr. Software Development Engineer
Skilled Angular and .NET developer, team leader for a healthcare insurance company.
December 24, 2022

Greetings Miami! This Thanksgiving, we closed our office for a few days, packed our bags, and set off on a four-day trip to Miami, FL!

For the last two years, COVID-19 kept us apart. During this difficult time, our employees and staff members have worked very hard to help Itlize grow, as an organization and as a family. 2022 was the year that many people decided the pandemic had ended and marked a successful return to normal life. We are truly thankful for our employees’ contribution, our partners’ endless love and support, and our clients’ trust all along this journey.

Fortunately, our business travel appears to be returning after two years of in-office meetings due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Palm trees, wide beaches, bright sun, and clear blue water allow our team to loosen up and enjoy!

“If you can laugh together, you can work together” — Robert Orben

Our trip to Miami was more than just an amazing adventure! We’ve created a great opportunity for our team to establish bonds of friendship that will enrich their personal and professional lives and allow them to build a sense of belonging to the group of people they work with. We believe that sharing an experience like this conference trip with coworkers cements the bond that allows us to produce the best results along the journey.

We appreciate this treasure trove of memories to give us a chance to explore, try something new, laugh together, and back work with new energy. Looking forward to a new thriving 2023 with you all!