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How to use symmetric and asymmetric encryption in C#

William Tsu
Data Analyst
Experienced data analyst working with data visualization, cloud computing and ETL solutions.
Janaury 05, 2023

Data security, precise with current communication grids, has come to be a monumental consideration, fleeing voids that could be influenced by catastrophic outcomes. When a server and a customer need a secure encrypted transmission, they dispatch a query over the grid to the other group, which sends back a manuscript of the credential and the other party’s public key can be yanked from the credential. A certificate can furthermore be employed to uniquely identify the holder, encryption changes database into a structure that can be read solely by someone who has a key that authorizes them to interpret it. You can operate encryption to safeguard data “at rest” (data that resides in a data cache) or to insulate information “in motion” (data that is being transmitted over a grid) and this benefits figuring out how to keep safe the data dealt with by your .NET applications by encrypting and decoding the data utilizing either a single key or a multitude/confidential key tandem. With censorship coming to be increasingly predominant in today's society, encryption has authorized everyone to hold an outfit grip of their confidential input.

Data stake has thrived to be a colossal facet, particularly with contemporary communication webs, taking off loopholes that could be leveraged to devastating impacts, encryption is of two classes: symmetric encryption and asymmetric encryption. Both symmetric and asymmetric encryption can support fend data residing in your data fund or cut across. C# furnishes built-in aid for symmetric and asymmetric encryption through the System.Security.Cryptography namespace, symmetric encryption is an ancient and best-known method. It utilizes a privileged key that can either be a digit, a term, or a sequel of random notations. It is combined with the plain text of a statement to transform the content respectively, the sender and the recipient should understand the enigma key that is used to encrypt and decrypt all the statements and the primary disadvantage of symmetric key encryption is that all groups involved have to exchange the key operated to encrypt the data before they can crack it.

Encryption - Symmetric and Asymmetric

We will analyze how we can operate with two kinds of encryption in C#, symmetric encryption, and asymmetric encryption, symmetric encryption takes up one key for both encryption and decryption, whereas asymmetric encryption uses two separate keys for encryption and decryption. Asymmetric encryption is furthermore figured out as public key cryptography, which is a moderately unique method, corresponding to symmetric encryption and asymmetric encryption manipulates two keys to encrypt plain text. Secret keys are swapped over the Internet or a large grid, which assures that malicious individuals do not misuse the keys it is also significant to point out that anyone with a secret key can solve the statement and this is why asymmetric encryption utilizes two corresponding keys to strengthen safety.

The disparities between symmetric and asymmetric encryption make them eligible for various use issues, as Microsoft significances out here in the .NET documentation why symmetric encryption is frequently employed to shield data sent over the web (such as an email) while asymmetric encryption is constantly operated to insulate sensitive data such as sociable guard numerals, passwords, and credit card digits and relying on the algorithm, if it’s substantial enough, decryption of the ciphertext without retaining the secret key shouldn’t be feasible. The resilience of the algorithm furthermore pivots on how tricky is the key. Symmetric encryption is quick and can encrypt or decipher considerable stakes of text, gushes, or files but mandates a shared key and asymmetric encryption can be operated without sharing a key, but can simply encrypt or interpret little texts hingeing on the key extent. Whereas symmetric encryption uses just one key for encrypting and cracking information, asymmetric encryption resorts to two keys: a public key used for encrypting the database and a secret key capitalized on for decrypting the information. Symmetric encryption is normally quicker and additionally efficient, but you must retain the key enigma because anyone with a permit to the key can solve the database. Asymmetric encryption is sluggisher than symmetric encryption, but it’s furthermore much better security because the decryption key is not disseminated and the individual possessing the secluded key will be competent to interpret the data.

Public keys in asymmetric encryption are circulated over the public-key servers so, there is no demand to worry about the general exposure of keys as they can’t be employed to ticket your input. In the preceding regulation listing, notice there are two techniques, Encrypt and Decrypt, the encrypt procedure acknowledges the data to encrypt and the covert key as parameters. It leverages the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) algorithm to execute symmetric data encryption taking advantage of the secret key and the encrypted data is paid back in the structure of a Base64 cue. This is the austerest style of encryption that pertains to only one riddle key to cipher and translate the data, directly to develop a .NET Core console application project in Visual Studio, and construct a .NET Core console application undertaking in Visual Studio 2022. Presuming Visual Studio 2022 is put in your system, observe the phases delineated to produce a unique .NET Core console application project. Launch the Visual Studio 2022 Preview IDE, click on “Create a new project" in the “Create new project” window, select “Console App (.NET Core)” from the index of templates displayed, and Click Next. In the “Configure your new project” window indicated next, specify the title and site of the recent undertaking and click Next. In the “Additional information” window, specifying .NET 7 as the .NET interpretation you would like to operate, Click Create and this will initiate a new .NET 7 console application task in Visual Studio 2022 and this project can be taken to work with encryption in the subsequent compartments, and that cryptography is an indispensable part in safeguarding data transferred over the Internet, using confidential keys to decipher a statement puts together asymmetric encryption more defensible.

Implementing symmetric and asymmetric encryption in C#

Encrypted data creates it secure for people, institutions, or squads to perish data to one another without suspicion of exposing the database to unintended recipients, at symmetric and asymmetric encryption and how this could be executed in .NET Core. To implement symmetric encryption, you will have to provoke a 256-bit key for encrypting and cracking information, symmetric encryption is more rapid than asymmetric encryption but less justifiable because you can engage the exact key for encrypting and cracking database, the receiver operates the identical shared enigma to decode the missive after acquiring it from the sender. If the key is not transmitted securely, a third reception could employ it to translate and read the database. In asymmetric encryption, two distinct keys are taken up to encrypt and interpret data. The public key is used to encrypt, and the private key is used to decrypt and you should have both a public key and a secluded key to execute asymmetric encryption, put it better technically, encryption involves encoding plain texts into another arrangement comprehended as ciphertext.

There is a necessity to contemplate if your institution requires to shift encrypted database quicker, if this is the possibility, symmetric encryption could be a reasonable opportunity. It’s important to deem the kind of data to be encrypted before determining the sort of encryption that claims your institution. In the console application project you developed before, build a static C# category quoted anything and join the regulation and the Decrypt procedure acknowledges the encrypted database and the confidential key as parameters. It restores the cipher text to a byte collection, which is utilized to interpret the data by manipulating the riddle key, and the decrypted data is repaid as a string. To encrypt a database employing asymmetric encryption, you preferably require to develop a public/confidential key couple. For sample, classified or positively esteemed data should be encrypted with asymmetric encryption as it proposes promising protection, then, to decrypt the data, you will require to operate the intimate key.  If your organization is in the enterprise of transmitting highly-classified proficiency, you should go the route of asymmetric encryption, as it proposes more data safety.


When it reaches encryption, the delinquent strategies may necessarily be the promising fit. You can employ this wisdom to create secure applications or websites that safeguard databases from unauthorized entrance and this is precisely what presently puts up a place in the globe of cybersecurity. The creator formulates unique algorithms in this lawsuit to maintain the constantly formulating cyber-criminal offender hackers are demarcated to create it difficult for professionals in the entrance years, thus expect better from the cryptographic society! You should invariably operate the encryption algorithm that is straight for the chore at hand and as cryptography puts up with a contemporary transition, unique algorithms are being formulated in a request to grab up with eavesdroppers and secure data to improve confidentiality and it is furthermore a must for clients in the technology initiative to adopt the tardy developments.