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The human side of automation: reclaiming work-life balance

William Tsu
Data Analyst
Experienced data analyst working with data visualization, cloud computing and ETL solutions.
September 06, 2023

Achieving the ideal work-life balance has become a distant ambition for many in the fast-paced industry of software development where burnout and weariness are commonplace realities. There is frequently little time for personal time, whether that's a wonderful nap, an exercise, spending time with family, or anything else that provides valuable "me" time, due to the continual pressure to meet deadlines, solve difficult challenges, and manage an ever-increasing workload. In the midst of all this activity, there is a potent enabler that boosts productivity while simultaneously liberating our most valuable resource: time.

Automation does speed up software development, minimise human error, and improve consistency in quality, but the overarching objective shouldn't be to raise workloads or foster a culture of constant busyness. Instead, it ought to act as a motivator for achieving a healthy equilibrium between work and personal life. Automation's ability to not only relieve us of the load of repetitive and time-consuming chores but also to give us back time to live a life is an underreported ROI.

Automation has changed the landscape of testing. Developers can divert the time they previously devoted to manual testing to more worthwhile activities. The advantages of automation have spread throughout businesses.Projects are being produced faster and with higher quality thanks to an efficient workflow. AI engineers may automate more of their activities with tools like ChatGPT and Google Bard that have helped fast generate blog ideas, webinar titles, summarise and make sense of massive volumes of data, and more. For instance, manual processes like software debugging, problem forecasting, and incident filtering are no longer necessary. All employees want to balance their job and personal lives.

It is critical for managers to appreciate the significance of this factor and promote a culture that prioritises team members' wellbeing. Managers may play a key role in encouraging happier, healthier, and more productive teams by actively recognising the automation tools that teams need to efficiently manage their workloads, maintain work-life balance, and embrace personal interests.

To prevent burnout, quitting, and the feeling that one's employment is doomed for all time, organisations should provide all of their teams with access to the automation tools they require to perform their duties more effectively. Team morale increases when programmers, or any team member, feels less stressed and has more time for personal interests. A sense of contentment in one's personal life frequently transfers into improved creativity and vigour at work, which boosts job satisfaction and improves project outcomes.

Additionally, putting a priority on work-life balance through automation programmes fosters more enduring and enthusiastic teams. Organisations may reduce the risk of employee turnover and foster a work climate where individuals feel valued, supported, and well-equipped to succeed in their roles over the long term by equipping others with automation tools.

However, strategic planning and execution are necessary to fully realise the potential of automation. The welfare of persons who will be using these tools should be taken into consideration in addition to the technical aspects of automation. In order to ensure the success of automation initiatives, it is crucial to provide the appropriate training, support, and access to automation tools that are tailored to the team's needs.

Automation is a transformative force that can lead to a more balanced and satisfying existence for all teams, not merely a way to increase productivity. Understanding the needs of each team and equipping them with the automated tools that enable a healthier and more fulfilling professional journey are the first steps on the path to a more harmonious integration of work and life.

AI that ensures full-time customer service helps staff have ample free time

Data sets and algorithms can help create a unique and highly individualised client experience. You can entirely customise your services to the individual using the appropriate data. AI is being used by businesses like Netflix and Amazon to analyse user data and offer highly individualised customer suggestions. The customer experience has the potential to be greatly enhanced because AI is capable of evaluating data in a way that is well beyond what humans are capable of. AI not only performs the task far more accurately, but also in real time.

Additionally, while specialised shops can profit from the knowledge of seasoned employees, chat bots can also successfully address many consumer issues and complaints.Within each industry, questions frequently follow a pattern, and many customer sales reps spend a lot of time responding to the same ones.

As clients may anticipate an immediate answer, which is frequently a top concern, a chat bot can ultimately provide a better experience.You can invest in more worthwhile positions for your personnel by using the money saved by using a chat bot or data analysis tools. Additionally, the time saved may allow for additional time to be dedicated to other aspects of the customer journey improvement, such as content creation or UX design.

Why a healthy work-life balance is crucial

Achieving a healthy work-life balance involves finding a balance between your professional and personal lives. This encompasses engaging in hobbies or spending time with your family. The ability to manage work and personal obligations is a challenge for many employees.

At least 40 hours are worked by full-time employees each week. Many firms demand new workers to put in additional lengthy hours of labour. And it's not just workers; small business owners and those who work for themselves can also struggle greatly with mental health and work-life balance.

You run the danger of developing health problems if you have trouble juggling your job and personal lives. Chronic stress, poor sleep, and melancholy can result from long work hours and an endless to-do list.

Additionally, a busy schedule prevents you from engaging in self-care practises including a healthy diet, regular exercise, and adequate rest.

This may significantly affect both your home life and health. It is common for poor health to result in lower work productivity, financial strain, and negative effects on mental health that have an impact on overall happiness.

Make recurring payments using autopay.

The creation of regular bills is one automation suggestion for a better work-life balance. This will make it simpler for you to improve overall revenue and help you make more money from returning consumers. You can set up recurring invoices in the majority of online payment processing platforms, which can save you time with accounting.

With autopay, you can also automate paying your own expenses. For your mortgage, credit cards, and utility bill, you can set up recurring payments. Given that you won't have to manually pay these expenses each month, this makes sense.

Track Your Tasks and Activities

You can acquire information on how much time you spent working each week and how you used it by installing time-tracking software. You can work to raise your productivity score after receiving it.

Watching YouTube videos, for instance, lowers your productivity score while working on a Word document raises it. By keeping track of your productivity, you may figure out how to improve it by devoting less work hours to distraction-causing activities.

Automate Repetitive Tasks with Artificial Intelligence

Every business operation has routine chores that must be completed for everything to keep running well. Lean on automation to manage those repetitive chores for you rather than diverting human resources to do so.

Automation is typically quicker than human workers at completing duties like generating reports and sending communications, so not only does this free up human resources to concentrate on other things. In this manner, you increase efficiency while having people perform on jobs that call for physical labour.

Count on virtual helpers

Lean on virtual assistants if you don't have a sizable in-house workforce to perform administrative or other responsibilities. You can concentrate more easily on things that need your full attention when you have a virtual assistant. To free up time for work that only you can complete, administrative and some specialised tasks can be delegated to virtual assistants for a relatively low cost.

In comparison to software, virtual assistants have the advantage of being able to learn to perform almost any task. Automation systems have some limitations, but virtual assistants are actual individuals you can communicate with. They are capable of handling a larger variety of jobs, including those that need for direct human management.

Utilise this as a method of job-sharing for challenging activities that don't require your personal attention to keep the company functioning.

In handling administrative work and life automation, the majority of virtual assistants have previously received training. However, there are VAs available for a wide range of services. There are virtual assistants who specialise in a wide range of functions, including communication, management, finance and accounting, and IT. To assist you in managing almost every element of your business, you can assemble a diversified and skilled team of assistants.

Send automatic replies

If someone approaches you when you're not accessible, autoresponders are email and chat responses that are sent out automatically. You may avoid having folks wait while you answer their messages by setting up autoresponders. In reality, they receive an answer right away and can then respond appropriately. It's a good technique to manage expectations with your partners and clients while also enhancing communication.

Autoresponders can also be used to start conversations. They are frequently used by businesses to acknowledge email receipt and promise to respond shortly. If done correctly, you can create expectations for your clients that are reasonable for them. This strengthens your long-term relationships with clients and distinguishes your business from rivals.


Automation holds the potential to bestow upon us a priceless treasure: time. It offers us the opportunity to pursue our personal passions, dedicate quality moments to our loved ones, and lead lives that are both healthier and more gratifying. This promise extends far beyond the mere efficiency gains that automation brings. Recognizing the immense value of this transition, it becomes imperative for both employees and employers to wholeheartedly embrace automation as a means to achieve a harmonious equilibrium between work and personal well-being. Organizations, by fostering a culture that places a premium on work-life balance and by providing essential support and training, can cultivate teams that are not just content but also driven and enduring. This transformation ultimately redefines success as a harmonious fusion of professional and personal fulfilment.