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JFrog introduces new Universal DevOps Platform

William Tsu
Data Analyst
Experienced data analyst working with data visualization, cloud computing and ETL solutions.
March 14, 2020


Development and operations (DevOps) combine software development practices with IT operations. This aids in minimizing the launch time of any mobile or web applications. Three major processes are involved in DevOps that include Continuous Integration, Continuous Development, and Continuous Deployment. While developing any mobile or web applications, the framework is generated manually and the rest of the processes are fully automated.

Continuous integration (CI) helps with all the tests a mobile or web application undergoes. Continuous development (CD) is adept in identifying weak areas and automatically releasing its subsequent upgrades and updates. Continuous deployment deals with an effective distribution of all app updates. These 3 processes keep happening in a loop and form the crux of DevOps, which is an efficient mobile and web app development tool.


Every personnel in a software development life cycle has the responsibility for maintaining security. It aims to impart security into every level of app development; thus, bringing operations and development together with adequate security functions. The concept of DevSecOps was brought forward to thrash the norm of overlooking the application security. The benefits of DevSecOps are as follows:

• An automated app development reduces the chance of misadministration as well as mistakes.

• Automation reduces the need for security architects, as no manual work process is required in here.

JFrog Platform

JFrog platform, developed by JFrog, has developed a new multi-cloud and hybrid as well as a universal DevOps platform specially designed for delivering DevSecOps, CI/CD, and software distribution solutions: an all-in-one experience for the users. All major package formats, of the JFrog platform, are supported by JFrog Artifactory, which is a tool designed for storing the binary output of the build process for using them in deployment and distribution.

The automation process is done via REST (Representational State Transfer) APIs (Application Program Interfaces) as well as CLI (Command Line Interface) across the JFrog platform. Benefits include advanced speed, the efficiency with universal navigation, UX (User Experience) and metadata models across all the products. With unified administration and pipeline automation, JFrog services are integrated natively into the platform.

The new release comes with inclusion and full integration of JFrog pipelines, which is the organization's centralized and cloud-based DevOps pipeline automation along with orchestration solutions. The pipelines of the JFrog platform blends Shipple's CI/CD tool (DevOps).

JFrog Platform is regarded as the first multi-cloud, and hybrid as well as a universal DevOps platform. Unique and continuous software releases are delivered from any source to various destinations. Through this platform, DevOps delivers software by eliminating complexity along with increasing speed for continued success. All the leading tools are available in this platform and aids in empowering organizations through DevOps engineers and developers, which meets increased delivery requirements.

A little bit about JFrog

JFrog is known to create an Artifactory and releasing it to the IT world as the highly available cross data-centre with an infinitely scalable option for DevOps. JFrog has included full integration of pipelines for orchestration as well as CI/CD automation processes. The pipelines are a centralized cloud-native CI/CD product, which can be scaled across many concurrent pipelines. These pipelines allow DevOps workflow across an entire organization; thus delivering apt orchestration and visibility at an enterprise scale from writing code to production.

JFrog Artifactory

JFrog artifactory is a major element needed by an end-to-end Universal DevOps platform as it is needed for automating, securing, distributing, monitoring as well as managing all types of relevant and related technologies. The products of JFrog are available as an open-source, on-premise and on-the-cloud entities or processes on Microsoft Azure, AWS, and Google Cloud. JFrog is one of the leading and highly available enterprise for DevOps solutions, which is used by many trusted developers as well as users.

The major benefits of Overall JFrog Platform Release:

• Universal Platform: One and only DevOps solution for supporting all major package types with the JFrog Artifactory.

• Automation Process: REST APIs as well as CLI across the JFrog platform.

• Unique & Unified experience: Enhanced UX (User Experience) and metadata model across all products; universal navigation with advanced speed and efficiency.

• Security is managed across the JFrog platform along with the Integrated Development Environment (IDEs).

• Scalability: HA (High Availability) across all product lines. The process of scalability is achieved via a unified administration as well as pipeline automation.

• All services related to JFrog is natively integrated across the entire platform.

• A flexible ecosystem that allows freedom of choice with ample support for DevOps technologies.


The JFrog platform is available to all clients and customers with flexible subscription plans and free trials. Various customers and clients can address their unique needs across hybrid, SaaS (Software as a Service), self-managed, and multi-cloud models, via this platform.

Expansion of major advantages: JFrog Platform


Universal DevOps Platform

Unity is indeed strength at JFrog, while the firm launches a much anticipated DevOps platform. The universal DevOps platform: the world's first hybrid and end-to-end one. This is beneficial to many clients and customers. As aforementioned, the unified JFrog platform aids in bringing all products under one umbrella to provide an all-in-one, end-to-end experience for the one-stop DevOps.

JFrog Pipelines

JFrog Pipelines is a new solution that the firm offers for centralized, cloud-native DevOps automation, its proper management as well as orchestration. Over a 12-month hard-work of integrating Shippable's CI/CD tool into the JFrog platform, the entire entity has become powerful enough to enable and unify binary package management, DevSecOps, CI/CD as well as software distribution solutions. All these will in-turn enable a continuous software release management flow.

JFrog Artifactory

As is well known, JFrog has spearheaded DevOps trends until now and continue to do so. The artifactory remains the main and only DevOps solution that supports all major package types, as is known by all in the field of mobile and web app development via DevOps. As mentioned before, integration of most popular tools forms the key feature along with REST APIs, CLI and an advanced query language for the metadata. This JFrog Artifactory is a Highly Available Repository that supports scale enterprises.

Database of DevOps, a superior technology used by scores of customers and clients, is indeed the JFrog Artifactory. With the new release, there is a marked improvement in package management as well as enhanced search capabilities, which simplifies the search experience for users.

A Unified Experience

JFrog platform provides the required speed, security, efficiency as well as high availability. The platform does this by unifying all products under a single roof, making it easier to work with them. Also, this ensures a seamless DevOps experience.

A Unified User Interface

The integrated User Interface provides ready access to all products in the JFrog platform with considerable ease. Some of these products include JFrog X-ray, JFrog Distribution, JFrog Mission Control as well as JFrog Pipelines.

Unified Permissions

Only one-stop permission is required for managing all the JFrog products that are in the platform, which enables a simplified administration via a single account. The administrators can create single permission that gets applied to all the JFrog products installed on the platform.

Unified Data

All data involved with the products are combined with services, package management, and security metadata for maximum DevSecOps visibility as well as traceability, which provides full trust to the pipelines.

Seamless DevOps Choice

The JFrog platform, a self-hosted DevOps solution that can be performed in a cloud, a hybrid, or even a multi-cloud environment offers abundant choices that any firm can use in-order to adopt DevOps services. This arrangement aids in scaling of DevOps operations, as the firm grows, with ease due to its High Availability.

All for One & One for All

The entire work-force and product team behind fabricating and making the JFrog platform with all the products in it accomplished the feat of completing the same in about 18 months. The innovation brought forth through JFrog is now revolutionizing the entire DevOps industry; a remarkable achievement indeed. The Beta Customers has helped with trials with relevant feedbacks & remarks, which has enabled a top-class quality JFrog platform that is universally accepted.

JFrog platform is a collection of ideas put forth by various developers and Ops engineers in a quest of having a more unified and centralized solution for next-generation DevOps automation. The JFrog platform is available to all customers and clients through free trials as well.

Some more benefits of JFrog Platform

✔ End to End services: Fully automated platform enables distributing trusted software releases from code-writing to production.

✔ Efficient: The unified interfaces ensure the utmost efficiency as the software gets executed quickly and free without any interruption.

✔ Delivering Trust: Update fearlessly with proactive identification of vulnerabilities and side-stepping the same.

✔ High Availability: DevOps processes can be done within no time through the high availability of the same.

Wrapping Up

JFrog has recently introduced a universal platform that integrates all its products under one umbrella. This has enabled all DevOps related firms, organizations, and companies to adopt the services they need for efficient and effective mobile or web app development. The new universal DevOps platform comes with the aforementioned features, which is a blessing for many customers and clients of JFrog. Incorporate the new platform and easily deal with all your DevOps related issues and processes.