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Billy Yann
Deep learning and machine learning specialist, well-versed with experience in Cloud infrastructure, Block-chain technologies and Big Data solutions.
April 23, 2020

Technology has advanced at an immense rate in the past decade. In today's world, we eat, sleep, learn, and grow holding the hands of technology and modernity. Distances are mere concepts today; we have connections all over the world that are accessible within a click. With the outbreak of the coronavirus, it has become mandatory to stay at home and indoors for ensuring safety around the globe. Professionals from most of the fields around the globe are striving hard to work from home to meet the two ends in this tough time. Work from home or remote working has attracted them to work smoothly and efficiently while staying safely at home.

Work from home has many advantages compared to full-time office schedules. It provides you more time for yourself and a flexible schedule according to your choice. You can create your own comfy space to work without any constraints and restrictions and do not have to maintain the workplace standards of clothing. Remote working adds more discipline to your life. You will be able to organize your household chores and duties at work efficiently and hassle-free. It saves your time, energy, and money being in a comfortable space as it doesn't require physical office and resources, no waste of time in traveling from home to office, etc. The employers will have a chance to hire people from different locations and different time zones, as all you require is a good internet connection, communication medium, and an efficient gadget. Working in a comfortable space like the home, have proven to increase the productivity and engagement of the workers and many IT companies have adopted this method way before the pandemic outbreak. Apart from these advantages, remote working has several drawbacks that need to be fixed for effective outcomes in the work field.

Without a well-organized framework and network, employers will not be able to work efficiently from home. Telecommunicating might not be a perfect solution for all the companies. Some may not be able to work smoothly when its employers are working from different locations and different time zones. It is also necessary to manage these employees at scattered locations. Employers need to acquire efficient coordination and management skills to bring the best outcome out of their employees. The major concern of the employers is to ensure good communication is maintained within the staff and employees. The next major drawback of remote working is the distractions from the home. Family quality time and household duties could draw valuable time from your work. Therefore, employers and employees must ensure good communication and effective time management are implemented for making the worth of every moment of remote working.

Taking note of the pros and cons of remote working, efficient, and effective measures must be adopted from both employers and employees to work with excellence within the comfort space of the home. Working in a comfortable atmosphere with air and light that you are comfortable, is a great experience and results in a higher productivity rate. But this benchmark could be achieved only with proper time and communication management. Adding a pinch of discipline and self-care one could achieve their extreme potential to work efficiently being at home. Here are a few tips to adapt for smooth and efficient remote work experience.


1. Create and adhere to the schedule

At your workspace, you are used to working under specific schedules amidst maintaining a social relationship with your colleagues. At your home, you do not have the disturbances of people other than your family, which could be limited, which aid to produce a massive outcome. The initial step to adopt to maintain a work pace at home is to create a schedule. You need to fix times for your work and family separately and do not allow both to overlap in the middle. If you want you could create a schedule and to-do list like we used to do back in school time. After creating a schedule, it is your sole responsibility to follow it strictly.

The first thing that you have to ensure while working remotely is that your time is managed properly. Social Media will snatch your time without your knowledge. Once you start scrolling down the pages of social media, it is an endless path and could consume a major chunk of your time. Therefore you should maintain a distance from your Social media.

The time at home is yours and is flexible according to your choices. It is more flexible and at the same time, you are responsible for that time. It is necessary to analyze yourself and productivity, to fix a schedule according to your convenience and maintain that schedule without fail.

2. Maintain contact with colleagues and superiors

Communication is the key to attaining the best outcome from your work from home duties. You need to ensure that you are well aware of the happenings of your office by maintaining communication with your superiors and colleagues. It is necessary to inform your colleagues about the progression of your work or project in a systematic process like daily. You should also provide your contact details to your colleagues to notify you of urgent work or upcoming projects. Today many applications and software that aid video calls and conference calls are available to ease the process of remote working. Video conference calls could increase the efficiency of communication as it promotes your face-to-face communication even at different locations and time zones. Sharing your concerns regarding the work and doing team activities via the internet will boost the strength of your bond with colleagues. It is necessary to update and check-in with your colleagues for rendering the best outputs as a team. This social interaction should be conducted whenever necessary, this will help the employees to complement and motivate each other.

3. Use proper tools for communication and collaboration

There are numerous advantages to working via the internet. But you should be aware of the fact that the internet is a hub of fake and unsafe websites and software. Therefore it is essential to ensure the safety of your communication. It is necessary to choose the right for your company. Companies should ensure that their database is shared and accessed by their employee safely. One should maintain the authenticity of their company; therefore ensuring the safety of the data and content is crucial for the company.

Since you are working from home, it is important to maintain an ideal workspace atmosphere. You should have the right equipment to work with. Every element in your room from the chair and table you are working in will affect your concentration range. You are free to choose a space that provides you maximum comfort and productivity. The next concern regarding the right tool is to have a good internet connection and a good quality gadget. Best software and websites available on the internet will aid you to maintain good communication and work management. Ensuring the quality of the right tools will not break your work in the middle thus will help you to maintain your work pace at home.

4. Set your priorities and routine

To maintain a flawless work schedule it is necessary to chart out your work priorities. It is important to organize your daily tasks from work according to the urgency and importance of the work. Making a to-do list will be practical, and will help you to organize and run your work smoothly without failure. This will also help you to track your progress and never miss out on any work. It is also advised to share your check-list and progress with the team members to have a well-coordinated and smooth working experience.

Every individual has certain methods to keep track. Explore the creative side of yours to make your work more engaging and colorful. It is easy to get distracted when you are at home, therefore you should maintain track of your time spent on various activities too. You should have time constraints and should equally balance with your work time and leisure time. You should also have an eye to maintain harmony between your office works and household chores. Get creative, plan a schedule to follow, and make every second at home worth.

5. Maintain self-care and discipline

Amidst the pandemic and struggles in the outer world, it is necessary to maintain stable mental health while you are at work from home. You should practice self-care to ensure your mental stability. While you are working remotely, there is a higher chance of falling into modes of isolation and depression. You are away from the outer world, experiencing social distancing, and at the same time has the work stress. Therefore, you should invest some time to take care of yourself.

It is okay to take breaks between your schedules. It is necessary to give your body the peace and harmony that it deserves. By spending time working out, doing some stretches, growing plants, doing some creative hobbies, reading books, meditating, or just taking a nap; rejuvenate your mind, body, and soul with some fresh air and sunlight.

Have an efficient remote working experience!