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Google Cloud Application Modernization Program (CAMP) help you modernize your cloud applications

Billy Yann
Deep learning and machine learning specialist, well-versed with experience in Cloud infrastructure, Block-chain technologies and Big Data solutions.
September 24, 2020

The Big Announcement

In its recent Cloud Next On-Air digital conference, Google announced the inception of a new Google Cloud Application Modernization Program (CAMP). From now on, the application modernization journey becomes easier for businesses!

Google Anthos

Google Anthos, a hybrid cloud application development program or CAMP, runs on a foundation of an open-source Kubernetes container-orchestration-software. Designed for hosting unmodified applications on public clouds as well as existing on-premise hardware, Anthos gives businesses the option of choosing the most reliable infrastructure. Anthos help applications to get deployed in software containers that host individual components of each app, making it easier to work with. Managing large clusters of apps in containers gets done by Kubernetes.

Google CAMP

There is a huge demand for app modernization with the latest technological advancements incorporated into these applications. The hybrid-AI-capabilities got introduced keeping the app-modernization concept in mind. Along with these, new Anthos capabilities got launched by Google as part of the Cloud Application Modernization Program (CAMP).

Google CAMP program is designed in three stages to deal with challenges that occur during the implementation process. Data-driven assessment & benchmarking form the first stage. The first-stage helps customers assess their positions regarding where the improvements are due. A fairly detailed assessment tailored to each business organization helps them in identifying & benchmarking areas that need improvement. The final assessment uncovers all bottlenecks that a business is enduring at the current level & ways to remove them.

In the second stage, CAMP comes up with tailored best practices that aids in app modernization, which maximizes the return on investment. Google provide implementation recommendations that cover the entire application life-cycle from code-writing to operating & securing apps, in the third stage of CAMP.

As observed, the process of modernizing applications & software development processes is challenging to get implemented. Google CAMP makes the implementation processes easier for all industries & businesses; thereby, generating powerful business outcomes through modernization.

Purpose of Google CAMP

Designed for fast-tracking business organization's application modernization, Google CAMP got designed to innovate faster with all the sophistication in place. Google CAMP aids in saving costs by showcasing consistency with development & operations experience through the best tools & practices available.

Google Cloud App Modernization Program

Formed, formulated, or designed for offering advice to business organizations to be an innovative software-developing company/firm, Google CAMP reflects learnings from many relevant sectors. The major knowledge gained is obtained via six-year research done by DevOps Research and Assessment (DORA) that drives high performances. The CAMP improves business results through tailored modernization advice gathered via a data-driven assessment, concrete solutions, several recommendations, and several other best practices that aid in application modernization. The program runs on a modern & extensible platform.

Google CAMP gets used while building a Kubernetes, server-less, or mainframe application. The assessment highlights a starting point from where an application modernization process gets initiated by identifying priorities.

Application development & delivery updates

New updates got announced and introduced by Google in a bid to help developers, operators, and security professionals for delivering better quality software. An added support gets provided to Cloud Run, a fully managed container platform.

Cloud Run allows users to write, deploy, and debug computerized applications directly from their IDEs and onto a fully managed server-less mainframe. A built-in extensive support for fast-feedback as well as Google Cloud Build-packs in Cloud Code.

How Google CAMP deals with various challenges?

Google CAMP addresses all challenges in certain ways, which help business enterprise & organizations to successfully modernize their applications.

Google CAMP Assessment

First & foremost among this process is the data-driven assessment and benchmarking. Google CAMP provides a data-driven baseline assessment. When a Kubernetes, server-less, or mainframe application get designed, this assessment by Google CAMP shows the initial point from which application modernization should commence. The baseline assessment highlights the priorities and gives an idea about maximizing the returns on investment.

The Google CAMP assessment is customized or tailored to the company's needs & requirements. Benchmarking a business against its competitors' help in finding priorities that need to be taken care of. Businesses get to know the bottleneck areas, which gives them an idea about how to make the biggest as well as the most impactful investments.


Modern & Extensible Platform

The second of this process is a modern & extensible platform. Google CAMP leverages existing Google Cloud Platforms (GCP) product offerings for designing, running, and managing all applications as per the need arise. Tools that are available via Google CAMP provide speed & reliability along with high-quality products as well as services at an affordable cost. Modernizing of apps through Google CAMP brings lots of financial and other benefits to the businesses. Online businesses & digital platforms, which get modernized and built on top of Google Cloud boost sales by a high percentage.

Customized processes & proven practices

Google CAMP brings forth a set of customized technical processes and proven cultural practices along with application modernization solutions. These are based on years of research & assessment done by the DevOps team along with Google's studies, and observations. The studies cover all aspects from code-writing to securing & deploying applications.

Perfect alignment forms between developers, operators, product development, and technical practices. These practices include designing relevant architectures, continuous testing, and much more.

More info on Google CAMP

As per observations, modernizing applications & software development processes is a challenging process entertained by business enterprises. Google CAMP makes this possible and large business organizations across several sectors & industries modernize their applications resulting in generating powerful outcomes.

To learn more about Google CAMP it is advisable to watch the keynote that introduced Google CAMP. A quick analysis by the business administration will help figure out several key areas that can be included along with the Google CAMP assessment. Know more about Google CAMP tooling and it is advisable to consider how Google Anthos augments accelerating the whole process.

Google Cloud Application Modernization Program (CAMP) Unveiled, finally!

Google launched a cloud software modernization effort through CAMP & unveiled it on August 25, 2020. The corporate companies or firms now get the leverage to modernize their applications according to market needs & requirements and stay ahead of their competition. The Google Cloud Application Modernization Program (CAMP) assists massive industries & enterprises to modernize software growth and supply.

Aspects related to Google CAMP embrace

Google CAMP provides businesses with suggestions, finest practices, and options for modernizing software applications. As mentioned before, the application lifecycle initiates from code-writing to operating & securing processes. An alignment forms between designers & operators for lean product development as well as implementing several technical practices.

• Data-driven evaluation & assessment results in tailor-made or customized application modernization recommendations.

• Bottlenecks get discovered regardless of the software used.

• The software could be Kubernetes, server-less, or mainframe.

The platform is an extensible one, which helps Google Cloud Platform (GCP) providers to assist & develop new purposes.

Google Anthos is a hybrid & multi-cloud modernization platform that serves the purpose of CAMP. Hybrid AI capabilities got introduced to Google Anthos along with the basic availability of Speech-to-Text Content On-Prem. Anthos clusters were introduced for managing Kubernetes.

Stats on Google CAMP!

Google CAMP relies heavily on the corporate's expertise in a high-speed software supply. The corporate deploys around 10 to 12 million build and 640 to 650 million assessments each day. It processes around 2.0 to 2.5 Exabytes of logs per month. The Google CAMP system display around 5 to 6 years of DevOps analysis.


Google Cloud Application Modernization Program (CAMP) helps in modernizing your cloud apps. The main processes involved include a thorough assessment as well as customized or tailored practices. Business enterprises work on finding out challenges they undergo & Goggle CAMP help with finding those. The thorough assessment uncovers certain aspects that need to be considered as a high priority along with other elements, which include the bottlenecks. With both priorities & bottlenecks defined, it becomes easier for large business enterprises to stay ahead of their competition. Resolving of bottlenecks & taking care of priorities get done with strategic planning. The ultimate process that happens here is the modernizing of applications using Google CAMP. Thus, Google CAMP helps businesses to modernize their applications through cloud apps.


With new updates released or unveiled on August 25, 2020, the whole process becomes easier as well as sophisticated. Google keeps updating Google CAMP as well as Anthos for facilitating an easy way to modernize several applications of various large business enterprises. Effective use of Google CAMP is indeed a boon for all big business enterprises, which require modernizing their applications. Google CAMP allows this process to get initiated & done at an affordable value. So, what are you waiting for? Use Google CAMP and modernize your applications!