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IoT, The Technology That Connects The World

Jason Li
Sr. Software Development Engineer
Skilled Angular and .NET developer, team leader for a healthcare insurance company.
July 24, 2019

An innovative internet revolution that is going to touch every walk of human life is IoT. From greater smart home devices to intelligent agricultural equipment, the real-world IoT devices will be the powerful technological influencer for the upcoming years. Predicting to grow, even more, the world IoT market is forecasted to have 42.62 billion customer bases by 2022, which is expected to take a tremendous jump to reach 75.44 billion in the year 2025.

As a network of interconnected devices working for a real-life purpose, IoT is meant to ease the human tasks by making it smarter. Philips Hue Smart Bulbs is a classic example of commercial IoT applications. They can be turned on and off from your smartphone, can change its colour with the one you choose and can delight you with an amazing sound-and-light party if synced with the music option in your smartphone.


The technology uses wireless communication, micro-electromechanical systems and embedded systems to improve the efficiency and performance of its solutions. The main reason for IoT to find a mass appreciation among the people is because of its manageability and portability. Now, let us see how this technology has become a part of your family and organization.

A Technology Always In Action

Uses of IoT are not limited to specific industries and special types of users. As the most common buzzword in internet technology, Internet of Things is to bring about revolutionary changes in almost every sector of the economy, whether it is healthcare, agricultural industries, electronics manufacturing or even the textile industry. From making your homes smarter and intelligently automating every business sector to saving Amazon’s rainforest, we can round up IoT as the technology in action.

Applications for the Real World

Without any doubt, we can say that IoT finds umpteen applications in the real world. No other technology can claim as IoT in helping people transform their lives. Whatever be the devices in your home, IoT can make its functionality simple and easier. The growing number of the popularity of smart home devices is evidence of its growth. The main highlights of these applications are, they all tend to be convenient and affordable. The seamless integration of these smart solutions improves the living style of the modern people. So, here we discuss some innovative IoT solutions that find diverse applications in the real world.

Top 7 Internet Of Things (IoT) Applications That Glam Up Your Life

1. August Smart Lock

In this technically advanced world, the security of homes has become a growing concern. As the world becomes too busy, security will eventually turn out to be a matter of convenience. Compared to the traditional security methods, Smart security systems help you to provide security for your valuables remotely, at a place of your convenience. August Smart Lock is one such example which offers tight security for your homes, organizations, etc. from your smartphone remotely. It intelligently avoids the need for keys and will get automatically get locked once you enter the room. You can grant permission to get into your premises by granting them 'guest keys.' If the smartphone is not in your reach, there is an optional keypad available in the device that enables you to set a private code to open your door.

2. Nest Smart Thermostat

Nest is a popular and highly relevant product of Internet of Things technology that is going to outshine all other devices in your home and office. As a smart thermostat, Nest has the potential to analyze your family routines and will set the temperature accordingly. If you are away from home, into a deep sleep or awake, Nest learns all the patterns. It will also detect the room temperature and automatically adjust its temperature, making it an efficient power consumption system that considerably reduces your current usage. The app also can sense the flaws happening with your cooling/heating system and immediately sends alert to the user.

3. Healthpatch Health Monitor

Any advancement in the field of healthcare is laudable. When it comes to IoT, an application that can ease the difficult healthcare procedures and saves valuable time serves a greater purpose. Healthpatch Health Monitor, without the help of doctors and healthcare technicians, reads the skin temperature, ECG, respiratory and heart rate, current body posture, etc. and send critical alerts to doctors if there is any possibility for any health problems associated with that patient even if the patient is not available in the hospital scanning premises.

4. Lively System

Yet another advancement in the healthcare sector is the development of an emergency response system known as Lively System. For people who have critical medical issues, they can use this wearable product which will alert the patients in case of a bad possible health problem. Sensors placed in the premises of the patient detect all the regular activities of the patients related to his health conditions. If they happen to miss their timely food or medication, the IoT application reminds them to have it on time. Lively system is an Android application and is highly involved in 'caring for the old age community' who is away from their children or caretakers.


Apart from providing smart services for your homes and organizations in the healthcare sector, IoT had made its presence in the agricultural field too. The unpredictability of the weather conditions possesses serious threats to farmers. If devices are there to forecast the climatic conditions, the fertility of the soil, nutrients level of the soil and the amount of fertilizers to be used for a healthy harvesting help farmers to improve their production and profit. Pynco is an IoT farming solution that is meant to revolutionize the modern farming sector by providing accurate predictions like the best time to harvest, accessing the possibility of adverse weather conditions, determining the water and nutrients level of soil, etc.

6. Garbage Management System

The entire world is lacking proper solutions for waste management. Many companies are developing IoT powered applications for optimizing the garbage collection routes to carry out proper waste management in cities, towns and other urban/rural areas. From using digital bins for sensing the types of garbage and the level of waste collected to recycling the products, IoT helps governments to maintain excellent environmental sustainability for a better living. The latest example for an IoT application is by the team Brainyfools. A group of talented engineers build a garbage monitoring device using the Internet of Things (IoT), and web and application development.

7. Saving Rainforests By Tracking Illicit Logging Using IoT Devices

Amazon Rainforest itself is meant to produce 20 per cent of the earth’s total oxygen. Popularly called as the lungs of the earth, Amazon rainforest absorbs carbon dioxide and produces oxygen. But illicit logging is now possessing a serious threat to the lives of animals and plants and is affecting the ecological balance of our earth. Cargo Tracck along with Gemalto has developed an innovative solution leveraging the Internet of Things (IoT) technology and M2M module, which alerts authorities if device embedded trees move within 20 miles of a particular network. In this fast-paced world, we see many technologies booming and providing limitless opportunities to make life easier for everyone. Among all the advanced technologies, IoT has a direct impact on the lives of people. Let us forecast the future trends and predictions for IoT in the year 2019 that makes it more popular and influential.

1. IoT Will Mark A Tremendous Growth In 2019

IoT will continue to stay in mainstream technologies and is expecting a whopping investment of 1 trillion dollars by 2010, according to IDC. As per studies, the customer base of IoT is going to meet an all-time hike in this year.

2. 5 G Networks Will Be The Key Player

IoT devices still use low data rate networks like Cat-M. But the launch of 5 G networks will take IoT to the next level. The introduction of 5 G networks is all set to mark powerful impacts on high-end IoT solutions that are associated with Robotics, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR), Machine Learning (ML) and Automation. This scenario will be revolutionizing the business sectors like transportation and logistics, oil and gas, refineries, healthcare, automotive industry, smart cities, etc.

3. Security Systems will get Smarter

The existing week security systems will be replaced with IoT powered smart security systems that can bring down security breaches and cyber-attacks.

4. Small Players Will Make It Big

Big market players may expect a rough market time this year so that the small players can more focus on developing innovative solutions. Still, to get reliable sources for funding money consuming IoT applications will be a big question in front of such companies.

5. Shortage Of IoT Skills

Like the previous year, the industry will be still facing a shortage of IoT skills. The need for IoT devices had increased and the companies will be facing the shortage of IT specialists who have rich expertise in the field.