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Azure Cosmos DB

Jason Li
Sr. Software Development Engineer
Skilled Angular and .NET developer, team leader for a healthcare insurance company.
January 27, 2021

The New Generation Applications

As is known, the new generation applications of today require to be highly responsible and always online. Instances of these applications need to be deployed in data-centers to achieve low latency as well as high availability. The applications respond to real-time for bringing about large changes in usage at all peak hours with storage increasing volumes of data, which is made available to several or all users quite fast; in milliseconds.

Azure Cosmos DB

Azure Cosmos DB is a multi-model database service of any scale, which gets distributed & used globally. Its core comprises a horizontal scale and the service but from ground-up with global distribution.

Azure Cosmos DB scales & replicates data, transparently, with the aid of turnkey global distribution across any number of Azure regions. It provides adequate native support to NoSQL & OSS APIs that include Mongo DB, Cassandra, Gremlin, Spark, and SQL. Azure Cosmos DB do offer multiple & well-defined consistency models. These models guarantee a single-digit-millisecond read. It writes latencies at the 99th percentile. Guaranteed high availability with multi-homing globally, backed by industry-leading comprehensive SLAs (Service Level Agreements).

Azure Cosmos DB enables offloading the administrative burdens of business operations. It also help with scaling of distributed databases to Azure; a NoSQL database for modern app development process.

A guaranteed speed at any scale gets achieved through the single-digit millisecond response times with automatic and instant scalability. Business continuity gets assured with SLA-backed availabilities along with enterprise-grade security. The app development gets fast & more productive through a turnkey multi-master data distribution globally, open-source APIs as well as SDKs for popular languages.

Azure Cosmos DB, as a fully managed service, take database administration with automatic management, relevant updates, and patching. It handles capacity management through cost-effective serverless & automatic scaling options, which respond to application needs that match capacity with demand.

Key Benefits of Azure Cosmos DB

A guaranteed speed at any scale

With Azure Cosmos DB, the users gain unparalleled speed & throughput backed by SLA, fast global access, and instant elasticity. The benefits of this feature include real-time access with fast read and write latencies globally. These get backed by SLAs. Data-distribution to Azure gets done quite easily. The storage gets scaled independently & elastically along with a throughput across any Azure region for unlimited scaling opportunities worldwide.

A Simplified Application Development

The application gets designed & build fast with open-source APIs (Application Programming Interfaces), multiple SDKs (Software Development Kits), and schema-less data as well as no-ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) analytics over the operational data.

The features of a simplified application development include:

• The application gets deeply integrated with key Azure services, which are used in a modern cloud-native app development that includes Azure Functions, IoT Hub, AKS (Azure Kubernetes Service), App services, and more.

• Multiple database APIs include a native core (SQL) API, API for Mongo DB, Cassandra API, Gremlin API, as well as Table API, which gets chosen to execute Azure Cosmos DB properly.

• The build apps on Core (SQL) API using various languages including SDKs for.NET, Java, Node.js, and Python.

• Run no-ETL analytics over the near-real-time operational data stored in Azure Cosmos DB along with Azure Synapse Analytics.

• The change in feed makes it easy to track & manage these attributes to database containers and create several triggered events with Azure Functions.

• A schema-less service automatically indexes all data regardless of various data models for delivery of blazing-fast queries; one main feature of Azure Cosmos DB.

Cosmos Db

Mission Critical Ready

A guarantee in business continuity with 99.9% probability, and enterprise-level security for every application. These are the factors that make Azure Cosmos DB mission-critical ready:

Azure Cosmos DB offer quite a comprehensive suite of SLAs include an industry-leading availability worldwide.

Easily distributes the data to any Azure region with an automatic replication while enjoying zero down-time using multi-region writes or Recovery Point Objective (RPO) when using a strong consistency. An Azure role-based access control keeps the data safe while offering a fine-tune control.

Fully managed as well as cost-effective

End-to-end database management that includes serverless as well as automatic scaling matching, which fulfil the application criteria and TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) needs.

The benefits of a fully managed and cost-effective entity include:

Fully managed as well as cost-effective

The cloud enterprises mitigate cloud lock-ins via various hybrid as well as multi-cloud strategies. As a matter of fact, in the past year, a deepening dominance of public clouds get compelled by traditional enterprise computing enterprises that set their strategic focuses on hybrid & multi-cloud. It is predicted that in 2021, cloud computing enterprises grow more uneasy with how they rely on various top-tier providers.

The benefits of a fully managed and cost-effective entity include:

• The fully-managed database services have attributes of being automatic, no-touch, maintenance, and patching as well as updates that save all developers both time & money.

• A good employing of cost-effective options that are unpredictable & work for sporadic workloads at any size or scale.

• The developers get a good & easy start without having to plan or manage capacities.

• The serverless models offer various spiky workloads automatically while providing responsive service for managing traffic outbursts on demand.

• The auto-scale got provisioned throughput automatically with instant scale capacity for all unpredictable workloads while maintaining SLAs.

Solutions, which benefit from the Azure Cosmos DB

Any of the web, mobile, gaming and IoT application need to handle massive amounts of data. These data need to be written and read at a global scale with real response times. A variety of data benefit from the Azure Cosmo DB and its high availability, high throughput, low latency, and tune-able consistency.

Design modernize scalable & high-performance apps

Azure Cosmos DB is a fully managed NoSQL database service used for developing modern applications.

Benefits of Azure Cosmos DB

Speed at any scale, which is guaranteed: It bursts with instant & limitless elasticity, fast reads & multi-master writes globally.

Fast & flexible app development: Software Development Kits (SDKs) for all popular languages, Application Programming Interfaces for SQL, Mongo DB, Cassandra API, Gremlin API, and no-ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) analytics.

Mission-Critical Applications: Guaranteed business continuity with 99.99% availability & enterprise-level security.

Serverless Database: Azure Cosmos DB gets fully managed by a cost-effective serverless database with instant & automatic scaling. The scaling responds well to all application needs.

A brief idea on the mission-critical applications

One can run the most critical workloads in any Azure region with an aid of SLA-backed speed, availability, throughput, and consistency. The business organizations & enterprises ensure continuity through turn-key multi-master replications. Enterprise-grade security along with compliances follow suit that includes end-to-end encryption and proper access control. As mentioned in this discussion, Azure Cosmos DB is a non-relational NoSQL database trusted by leading business organizations & enterprises globally.

A No-ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) analytics over the real-time operational data

Azure Cosmos DB aids in running real-time analytics and Artificial Intelligence on operational data. The operational data is present within a NoSQL database that reduces an adequate time to insight. It is a known fact that Azure Cosmos DB integrates data seamlessly with the Azure Synapse Analytics without much data movement.

The Real-Time IoT Device Telemetry

With Azure Cosmos DB, scale instantly to accommodate very diverse as well as unpredictable IoT workloads; no need to sacrifice an excellent query performance! Vehicle telemetry gets streamed for smart fleet solutions. The big data that is streamed get analyzed with a change in feed for any real-time insights. It is wise to archive data for data-warehouse analytics.

• Real-Time Shopping Carts

• Product Recommendations

• Dynamic Pricing

• Inventory Updates

Azure Cosmos DB provides a personalized experience across high volumes of big product data in milliseconds. The low-latency database response times does ensure a superior application performance globally.

Azure Cosmos DB: Designed for developers

Azure Cosmos DB gets designed for developers and helps in supporting a wide range of Application Programming Interfaces (APIs). These APIs include SQL (Core) API, Cassandra API, and Mongo DB (Azure Cosmos DB API). Let's have a brief look into all these Application Programming Interfaces (APIs).

SQL (Core) API

Design new apps with ease forms the motto of SQL (Core) API. Native support for the SQL (Core) API & JavaScript gets included in Azure Cosmos DB. It provides a very formal programming model for rich queries. The query language is based on a JavaScript Programming Language Model. It is no wonder that the SQL API gets rooted in a JavaScript type system, its expression evaluation as well as function invocation.

Cassandra API

Cassandra API gets delivered as a service using the various capabilities of Azure Cosmos DB. The Cassandra Software Development Kits (SDKs) and tools include existing drivers for building applications on a global scale. Azure Cosmos DB has SLA-backed capabilities that work wonders with Cassandra API.

Azure Cosmos DB API for Mongo DB

Mongo DB app gets facilitated by Azure Cosmos DB as a fully managed database. A few code changes help in providing the native API support for Mongo DB data. The app gets the benefit of a cloud-native platform. Azure Cosmos DB aids in data consistency as well.


Cosmos DB or Azure Cosmos DB helps in supporting various Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) through its benefits, which include the ability to run in a serverless environment.