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The pandemic-driven rush to cloud is compromising security

William Tsu
Data Analyst
Experienced data analyst working with data visualization, cloud computing and ETL solutions.
April 22, 2021

Cloud, the logical pools for securing data in digital form, this model of computer data storage is called cloud storage. The providers of cloud storage are accountable to set aside the available and accessible data and they are even responsible to keep the physical environment protected. These services can be obtained through collocated cloud computing service and web service application programming interface.

The historical scourge, COVID-19 has given a very advantageous period for cloud computing system as several industries and companies have swapped to cloud. Though the pandemic time was bountiful for the cloud, still it possess the bane of vulnerability, as the rapidity of shifting has caused the chance of ignoring security and safety. With several undermining reasons like the generation of terrific moves and tactics by hackers, in certain times services based on cloud are forced to compromise. But still, it is one among the safest and most guarded ways to store the digital data.


• Defense for cloud

Encryption is the most trusted technique to keep the cloud storage system defended. As they make use of the really complex algorithms and problems to tuck away the data which is kept protected in the cloud. Hackers being the biggest threat of the cloud security system can be kept at bay as in the technique of encryption, one would need the encryption key for decrypting. Howbeit no method can offer a full covered protection, however breaking the encryption insists herculean effort and is obviously time consuming. Military grade encryptions are the utmost safest defense and they can be acquired from Credon, which is the provider that provides the provision to store data with specifications and to share the data safely with a key management system.

Apart from encryption, there are other ways for keeping the cloud data safe, one among that is password security. Weak passwords help the hackers and cyber criminals to crack in to the stored data without much effort. Everyone should mind themselves to create strong passwords and to remain restraint from using the same password in multiple platforms. For hindering the distress of losing data, Redundancy can be used which is another cloud platform.

Cloud storage system can be made more effective when it is used along with another better storage system. Google Drive and cloudHQ are two such storage systems which are efficient enough to keep cloud more reliable. With these services, data can be secured from being lost.

• Running of cloud

Cloud storage systems have already gained its popularity among a large number of companies. This reason itself make it evident that cloud storage systems are very significant and compelling enough with its better storage and other efforts to keep the data secured and safe. Companies and enterprises all over the world are utilizing both extensive cloud storage systems and multiple cloud storage systems. The cloud storage trend is rising and it is expanding without any cease. Albeit, security still remains as a perturb, authorities and specialists have came up with ample guidelines and tips for maintaining and upholding safety. Cloud storage systems and services are gaining popularity day by day with companies and industries switching to cloud platforms and thereby investing more in to such storage platforms.

• Demand spur of cloud security system with the Corona virus in reign

Usage and shifting to cloud storage has reached in its record levels with COVID-19 outbreak. From the beginning of 2020 itself consumers spending on cloud computing has risen to 37%. People and organizations were tensed up, which made them vulnerable and they rushed to replace their traditional data centers with cloud storage services. Cloud services have helped its consumers to process their data securely and remotely by pacing up with urgency. With the increased demand of cloud most of its providers have became successful all of a sudden and out of their improved efficiency providers have groomed themselves to keep up with the increased demand and to deftly accelerate the cloud movement.

• Hindrances to cloud

Not every IT professionals are experts in cyber security skill, which itself make them stay out of dealing with cloud storage systems. Maintaining the security of cloud is for sure a challenging task and it requires more skilled and adept IT professional team. Software professionals who are chosen to manage and handle cloud systems are expected to have a superior knowledge and understanding in encryption, authentication, and proper management of data stores.

Shadow IT is another important threat to cloud security, that has succeeded in making the process of securing the cloud, a difficult job. Without any doubt Shadow IT can be called as a hindrance to the security of cloud storage systems. It has even became rampant in companies among its employees. This Information Technology project is not dodgy as such but being controlled outside the actual IT department, it carries several risks with it. File sharing, storage and collaboration features within the possession of shadow IT can some some times cause severe danger like leakage of data.

People or consumers of cloud storage systems also face challenges with the system when sharing data or resources with other people and companies. As one can never be sure that the security level of the other end is compatible enough with the disseminator or whether it is actually safe. Every organization may not uphold integrity and dealings with them can be dangerous. All companies and consumers of cloud are anticipated to respect and follow the rules regarding transfer, storage, and retrieval of data. Compliance is crucial as a very little trail off in it will have greater impact towards integrity.

Another dispute that may arise within the cloud storage system is the frequent changes and updations to the applications and services of cloud security system. Such additions will make it difficult to pace up and it certainly affect the safety of data within the cloud security system.

However, cloud computing and its services have been progressively embraced and adopted, though, it is mainly out of fear but still it is excellently playing its part. The pandemic has provided the system a ruling field to perform together with certain risks as well. Due to the haste, coordination and planning regarding the safety and security has been in a way ignored. And without adequate coordination migration and development teams are compelled to work with different security solutions which they find better and they are not even trying to get in to coordination with other teams and also with centralized governance group. Being expeditious, a large number of cloud migration and development projects tend to neglect the process of addressing security dependencies completely before deployment and this insist the teams to take the extra effort to treat such problems and complications. With such vulnerabilities and unprotectedness cyber criminals and other attackers of the system can easily figure out ways to make full use of the cloud security systems. Being vanquished by the pandemic 2021 and even 2022 can watch out for more dodging data breaches and challenges posed.


The global pandemic, doubtlessly acted as a catalyzer for enhancing the value of cloud computing system. This definite surge and escalation is brought up by certain key reasons that include, evolution and resilience of business operation, continuity of business with remote workforces, healthcare investments, online education, public sector investments and it even focuses on environmental sustainability.

The adoption of cloud computing service poses challenges like difficulty in finding skilled professionals, updated operating models and strategies, security concerns and many more.

Howbeit, there are unquestionable risks linked with cloud storage systems, which can be allayed by the providers with definite ways like setting up security tools which can be easily employed. Rapid deployment in cloud computing is another enhanced strategy used by several enterprises and companies around the globe, that will even helps to obtain complaints from users related to cloud. This migration is better worked only if the security is uncracked.

Security is something that should be ensured and it must centralized. Every steps and processes involved in cloud technologies play well together only when the safety is guaranteed. There can be faked security technologies in cloud that is dangerous. These cloud security overlords can be seen only with PowerPoint Presentations and there will be no guidance and tool lists regarding its usage and performance, from this fact itself it is obvious that these overlords are not helpful. Cloud security breaches can be checked and brought under control with noninvasive security governance and also by rejecting people, when felt uncertain about their skills.

Data stored in the cloud storage system is usually secured in the case of locally stored information. Unlike other security techniques, cloud system generally uses more complex security techniques and by providing an extra level of protection, the consumer can ensure more safety of their data. People and enterprises are moving to the cloud security system from their regular security system for eluding the risks of pandemic itself could be a security upgrade.