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Windows 11 - A Win for Developers

William Tsu
Data Analyst
Experienced data analyst working with data visualization, cloud computing and ETL solutions.
July 12, 2021

Windows 11 is an impending significant variant of the Windows NT working framework created by Microsoft. The Launch being declared on June 24, 2021, this is going to be the replacement of windows 10 which was introduced to the cyberspaces in 2015. With a much-guaranteed experience than the predecessor versions Windows, 11 claims to have worked on the plan and client experience which can easily enable your efficiency and rouse your inventiveness. A much-advanced version that has been dealt with in such a way that it is perfected with the latest requirement yet with a simpler outlook. From the Start button to the taskbar, text styles to symbols, everything was done deliberately to place you in charge and bring a feeling of quiet and simplicity.


Windows has always been trying to assist you with its speculative multitasking features which allow you to work efficiently by offering adaptability of numerous windows and the capacity to snap applications next to each other. Also in Windows 11, they have not only considered such factors but also have added some innovative things to work out this feature in a much better way. They have Snap layouts, Snap Groups, and Desktops to give a significantly attractive approach to perform multiple tasks and keep steady over what you need to complete. These add ons help assist you with getting sorted out your windows and improve your screen visuals so that you get a visually clean layout that is easier to work with. Also, there are options for making separate desktops for each part of your life and edit them as and when you prefer which can be for different aspects like Work, School, or Gaming.

Windows 11 has also been guaranteeing to support most PC’s which include Samsung, Dell, Lenovo, HP, and many others. The OS has not only been enhanced for its speed and efficiency but also has exploited areas like touch and voice. The innovation brought up in various aspects has now brought together the best of the system with the most celebrated and ample features that can satisfy the users to the maximum. Comparing to the earlier versions, Windows 11 is having a much more attractive and consistent design. Added with new gaming and other capabilities it also attracts us with its greater window layout options. With an enhanced feature allowing Multi-monitor functionality along with increase and improved performance, Windows 11 has now been showing satisfactory responses from the cyber community. Minor drawbacks mentioned are the removal of some useful tools and also the annoyance of the new look factor which could trigger some conventional users, but keeping these things aside, this is by far the best innovative effort by Microsoft which has been surfaced after a long five years span.

Windows 10 was said to be the last window ever by Microsoft five years ago. But in the innovation business, a working framework (OS) variant update is required over specific periods to set the vibe for future applications and programming improvement. While in the market where Apple and Google’s working frameworks are getting refreshed every year it was required for Microsoft to come up with such a good step. This has also been claimed to grant several new options to users and developers which they were unable to use in the previous versions.

While introducing this into the market, various discussions are going on about the features and new setups and whether it would be beneficial for users and developers, and so on. Perhaps the most innovative improvement according to Microsoft reports is that it is going to benefit gamers and game developers as the Microsoft Game Development Kit (GDL) are going to be made available for the public free of charge in GITHUB. The upcoming information has now clarified that the new features can improve graphics quality and storage performance on games running in the operating system. The introduction of a new tool called Auto HDR will make the game contents more dynamic and give a realistic touch than before. This innovation is presently being used on Microsoft's Xbox Series X control center and the appearance of the element will profit gamers enormously.

On Windows 11, the gamers can exploit the incredible new feature called Auto HDR(previously available only in console), which will make content inside games substantially more energetic and practical. The new convention is required to chip away at all games that boat with help for DirectX 11 and DirectX 12. The innovation is at present being used on Microsoft's Xbox Series X control center and the appearance of the element will profit gamers enormously. Notwithstanding, there is a trick – very much like some other HDR content on different stages, you will require an HDR-viable screen to show Auto HDR improved content. Also with the help of Windows 11, Microsoft is planning to improve the performance using the support of DirectStorage. It has been said as a part of its Xbox velocity Architecture which implies the same benefits are available on the company’s Xbox Series X control center, will likewise be accessible for Windows 11 clients when the update arrives soon.

Next is the introduction of a new theme of Windows store which is going to support more number of apps that they used to support till date. It is also being informed that there are going to be notable improvements on previous app types as well. Along with these additions, the biggest revelation or the notable attraction from their side is the addition of Android apps from the Amazon store. The latest highlights also include a ‘POP-UP’ that helps users installs apps straight from the browser, in addition to more income-sharing choices for developers. It means the developers can bring in apps to the store and also Microsoft allows them to use a third-party commerce engine and allows them to keep the generated revenue to themselves. This can be noted as a very major difference from that of APPLE and GOOGLE where they take 30% of developer income and expect them to utilize their particular commerce engines for in-application purchases.

Pointing to the introduction of a much better UI, the new look of it has been generated appreciation among the public. The new Windows 11 has made all first-party applications consistent by executing a much Fluent Design and WinUI. In recent months, Microsoft has been inside trying adjusted corners for Office applications – Word, PowerPoint, and Excel. Many other MS OFFICE apps including paint, Photos, Notepad have adapted a better design with some colorful and attractive icons. Updations can also be seen in designs of saving, undo/redo, edit, and some other buttons, and also the introduction of a new universal search bar with an attractive look is also looking nice.

Microsoft has also introduced a new tool called PWABuilder3 which allows you to build a PWA (Progressive Web App) faster than before. Also, this tool can help you to know whether your app is set for the Microsoft store. There is incorporated support for Webview2 runtime which helps it easier to design hybrid apps. WebView2 is known as an evergreen device, which means it gets updated automatically in specific intervals of time. This shows that the apps made using this platform are simpler to stay up in terms of security. It has to be noted that a fixed version is made available for developers if they are having some requirements incompatibility. Microsoft Windows App SDK makes it simpler to incorporate Windows 11 highlights into applications while likewise having the option to target PCs running Windows 10. There is an option for developers who are looking to refresh their app design. They can make use of WinUI3 which will help them to carry out UI components like new icons, typography, calculation adjustments, an optimized color palette, and also the latest animations and interactions.


The major notable aspects for developers included the above factors which are the introduction of the new Microsoft store, The fluent design system, and WinUI, The innovations bright up in the end to end web development, the addition of new features for native windows apps, and some special additions which could highly benefit game developers. The new system which has been based on an open and free approach has to be noted to provide more beneficial and can create more and more opportunities for developers shortly. The revenue share policies which are very progressive will fruitfully benefit the developers under this open ecosystem which also gives them secure and tension-free access to games, movies, apps, and web content they require at their desired time. In short, this development from Microsoft after these years has proven to be a complete boon for the developers which would provide them access to multiple factors which they were longing for the past many years.