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Embracing Innovative Agile

Making the shift to Innovative Agile
September 01, 2023

Your teams are getting better at Agile and delivering value on a consistent basis. It's time to spread the goodness beyond individual teams -- at the organizational level. You are now prepared to take the leap and embark on the next phase of your Innovative Agile journey. This part of the journey focusses on building more autonomy into your business whilst enabling your teams towards high performance. At this stage, you have the agility and speed of a start-up whilst having the maturity and structure to sustain good practices and build momentum as you go. Scaling innovation requires a shift in thinking and team maturity that drives the outcomes achieved through creativity and innovation.

Innovative Agile empowers your team to quickly grab new opportunities and capture market share. Using empathy and deeper knowledge around the business, the team is now learning and growing whilst embracing change and making an impact.

Visualizing where we want to be

We help you build a compelling vision driven through your purpose and organizational context. We then help build clarity around your goals and build them out through Objectives and Key results. We help you visualize the results and break down your goals into more tangible smaller units that deliver value individually.....

Being in the know whilst enabling the flow

With the renewed focus on clarity, we focus on breaking down objectives into smaller work items that add value through an innovation baseline. Focus is now firmly on execution and meeting organizational commitments.....

Tapping into the collective energy with increased Personal Responsibility

As new information becomes available, the team taps into their collective knowledge and adjust their baseline in a highly collaborative manner. Commitments are reset to align with changing business conditions. Team experiences higher engagement levels while consistently delivering towards higher levels of customer satisfaction.....